Pain & Inflammation, 500mg Hemp Extract


Bayou City Botanicals – Pain & Inflammation Tincture has been uniquely formulated to optimize interaction with our ECS (endocannabinoid system) and the signals which modulate pain and inflammation. This product utilizes nanoemulsion technology which increases absorption and bioavailability; that is, the amount of compound which effectively enters our system. Furthermore, this product harnesses the optimal cannabinoid and terpene synergy against pain and inflammation in a THC-free formulation. Going beyond the “Entourage Effect,” this formulation has been coupled with some of nature’s best anti-inflammatory and analgesic compounds including, turmeric root extract, ginger root extract, and white willow bark*. This product utilizes only the highest quality ingredients which are cultivated, sourced, and manufactured exclusively in the US.


Bayou City Botanicals – Pain & Inflammation Tincture

“Pain is a very personal experience and can have significant physical and emotional impacts. Pain and inflammation are normal responses that occur as a warning and defense mechanism and are supposed to dissipate over time. Persistence of pain signaling can lead to multiple forms of chronic discomfort. This scenario is also true for inflammation, which is an important initial step in tissue healing. Excessive inflammation, however, can lead to tissue damage, aging, and pain. Additionally, multiple health risks have been associated with excessive inflammation, including arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, mood disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, and metabolic disorders.
The endocannabinoid system (ECS) has proven to help modulate pain and inflammation. The natural compounds found within the human ECS have been shown to interact with multiple receptors, including cannabinoid receptors, serotonin receptors and vanilloid receptors. All of these receptors play an important role in the perception and progression of pain signals and inflammatory responses.
Throughout history, cannabis has been used to treat multiple types of pain and was even used as an anesthetic by ancient Chinese surgeons. The most active class of chemical compounds found within the cannabis plant include the cannabinoids. These compounds interact with our natural endocannabinoid system in multiple ways by binding to different receptors, and can inhibit the enzymes responsible for breaking down our own naturally occurring endocannabinoids.

Similarly, there are other compounds which have been shown to have therapeutic effects, including a group of antioxidants called flavonoids as well as the aromatic compounds of plants known as terpenes*. The cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and several other compounds in the cannabis plant work together to have a desired effect. This synergistic activity has been termed the ‘Entourage Effect’.” – Dr. Adam Abodeely

Adam Abodeely MD, MBA, FACS, FASCRS
Product Formulator

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

How To Use:

To use: squeeze the rubber portion of the dropper while inserting it into the bottle. Release the rubber portion. The liquid will fill the dropper half way. While the dropper is only full half way, this is a full portion or dosage. Squeeze the rubber portion of the dropper squirting the liquid under your tongue. DO NOT swallow the liquid. Allow it to sit under your tongue for 60-90 seconds to be absorbed through the subcutaneous membrane.

Certificate Of Analysis

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