About Us

Bayou City Botanicals was started by the father/son team of Dan & Dylan Siegman, whose shared passion for the cannabis industry inspired the company. Dan was selling software used by the legal cannabis industry to track inventory and sales all over the country. Through this exposure, Dan, who for most of his life was not a user of any type of cannabis products, “came around” to gaining a full appreciation of the many health and well-being benefits of cannabis products. As he further explored the cannabis market and industry, Dan’s interest in the product grew as he encountered more and more cannabis consumers whose lives and health were changed for the better through its use.

One of those enthusiastic consumers was Dan’s son Dylan who, for many years, successfully used cannabis to help him overcome anxiety and symptoms of depression. Together Dan & Dylan have built Bayou City Botanicals, which features products developed and specially formulated by Dr. Adam Abodeely, a double board-certified doctor who has legally used CBD products for years in his New York practice.

Dr. Abodeely gives presentations to a variety of audiences and provides consultations on various aspects of medical cannabis. He is author of the book, A Surgeon’s Perspective on the Science & Truth of Cannabis. Dr. Abodeely is dedicated to advancing the science and education of cannabinoid-based therapies and has a special interest in formulating products which capture the unique benefits of cannabinoids, terpenes and other natural ingredients to provide optimal synergy and interaction with the human endocannabinoid system.

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Dr. Adam Abodeely, MD, MBA, FACS, FASCRS is the founder/CEO of ReserveMD™ and is a Double Board-Certified Surgeon specializing in gastrointestinal diseases and cancer. Realizing the benefits of cannabis, Dr. Abodeely expanded his medical practice to include patients with a variety of medical ailments and currently treats patients utilizing CBD and cannabis-based therapies for over 100 wide-ranging conditions. Dedicated to product quality and consumer safety, as well as education, Dr. Abodeely is an active member of numerous international cannabinoid societies, and serves as Chairman of the Dispensary Review Committee for the Association of Cannabis Specialists. He is the Chief Medical Director of the Cannabinoid Industry Association, as well as the Chief Medical Officer and co-founder of World Canna Health.
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